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  • David Chatterton

Only Love could I offer

The atmosphere in Port au Prince was tense. Demonstrations, unrest and anger were visible everywhere on the streets. The ride in our van, to visit the Orphanage, Missionaries of the Poor which was run by missionaries, was long and very hot. We parked under a tree on a shady dry piece of grass and dirt. Entering the main pavilion of the building, several residents cried out with excitement as they came toward us in wheelchairs, on crutches and limping. Melanie, dressed in a bright orange dress, crawled toward us. All recognizing Lindsy, David and Lynn with joy and anticipation. A joyous reunion for this small group of friends.

Later on we walked to another building, entering a spacious, clean room filled with cribs. Little brown arms reaching out to be embraced, kissed, spoken to, sung to and loved. Beautiful children born in a country too poor to provide medical care for a disease or defect that would outlast the little person in that crib. Living each day in a clean bed, fed and clothed by loving hands caring for them. As I looked into dark brown eyes I recognized a spirit there that was brave and accepting of the tenderness and love I could offer for a moment in time. Changing my heart for eternity.

Nancy Chatterton, September, 2019

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