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  • Shae Goodwin

Pay It Forward Barbering!

One of my favorite joys of being part of Haiti’s Heart non profit organization is seeing and experiencing first hand the goodness in people. One day I took my kids into Another Level Barbershop for hair cuts. The owner Arthur Owens greeted me warmly. Our family is what is known as a conspicuous family. My husband and I adopted three children that are a different race than we are. This often peaks peoples curiosity and the questions follow. Arthur started questioning me about my Haitian sons and Haiti. I was expecting all the usual questions when Arthur surprised

me. He said "are you still involved in Haiti?” not having any idea that I was. He then shared some of his own life story. His mother died when he was just 14 years of age. He then explained his guiding light was gone and he made all the wrong choices which eventually landed him in prison. He went on to explain that his cousin Robbie Findley was one of the only people that continued to be a positive influence in his life. Robbie still believed in Arthur’s goodness and heart. Arthur completed his prison sentence and paid his debt to society. Robbie then put Arthur through barbering school so that he would have skills to make a positive living. Arthur is often called in as a motivational speaker to speak to trouble youth. Arthur is as REAL as they come. He has experienced deep pain and loss as a result of bad choices. He shares his stories openly as he really desires to make a positive difference in this world. As our conversation ensued Arthur ask me if I could take him to Haiti and involve him with older kids that have lost their guiding lights and that might be struggling in life. Arthur expressed his desire to teach barbering skills to older orphan boys or street kids in an attempt to give them a way to provide for themselves. (Sort of a pay it forward tribute to Robbie.) This desire speaks deeply to my heart. Haiti’s Heart was founded for and about that very desire. Arthur and I began working together to make Arthur's dream a reality. We will be going to Haiti August 4-14 to teach an intensive barbering skills workshop. If the kiddo’s complete the barbering workshop they will be given the tools they need to begin barbering in Haiti. We do need financial help purchasing tool kits for the students and covering travel expenses for our crew of 4. If you are able to donate, your charitable donation is tax deductible. Honestly any amount helps! Please just add to the notes on your donation that you would like the money to be applied to the barbering excursion and it will be done. Follow our blog for updates. I will be excited to report back on our experience!

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