June 8, 2017

One of my favorite joys of being part of Haiti’s Heart non profit organization is seeing and experiencing first hand the goodness in people. One day I took my kids into Another Level Barbershop for hair cuts. The owner Arthur Owens greeted me warmly. Our family is what is known as a  conspicuous family. My husband and I adopted three children that are a different race than we are. This often peaks peoples curiosity and the questions follow. Arthur started questioning me about my Haitian sons and Haiti. I was expecting all the usual questions when Arthur surprised

me. He said "are you still involved in Haiti?” not having any idea t...

October 17, 2016

I went to Haiti in 2012 on a photography mission. I was ask to photograph orphans so that they would have portfolios that could be used to help them gain educational sponsors and, ultimately, adoptive families. The experience changed my life forever. This video is the story of one of my three adopted children and where "Haiti's Heart" began for me. I have a love and a heart for the older children who have experienced many of life's disasters at a very young age.

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